Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS)

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Below is the list of resources for learning; all are available now! 

Seminars and Classes began on August 21, 2023.  Upcoming events, classes and seminars are always viewable on the ORIS Calendar!

The Fibi “Quick Tour” is a video demonstration lasting about 25 minutes.  It introduces basic functionality in Fibi.

Targeted demonstration videos lasting from 1-5 minutes.  See exactly how to add people to PDs, how to create a service request, etc.

Snapshots are printed instructions in the same vein as the videos.  They are designed to be short, targeted information for common functions in Fibi.

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The Introductory Seminar provides an in-depth, just over one-hour video demonstration of proposal development, very like a typical class.  In addition, subjects such as submitting/recalling, making service requests (NCEs, Change of PI, New Sponsor requests, etc.) are demonstrated.

These guides are be more along the classic type of guide, with more text, more screenshots and more subjects.  Look to these to find the answer to a more unusual question.