Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS)

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Fibi Training Options

Already familiar with Coeus?

  • Attend a walk-through seminar with live Q&A afterward. Register through myLearning at the JHU Portal.
  • View the same seminar anytime from our website (button below).
  • View the quick videos and printable snapshots for targeted questions.
  • Practice with Fibi in our Training instance (click on Launch Fibi button below).

New to JHU or building proposals?

  • Register for a class through myLearning at the JHU Portal for hands-on learning and practice.
  • See the schedule at the ORIS calendar (link below).

For more information, go to the Learning button below!

🙂 No need to do both: seminar = class independent vs hands-on

Countdown to Fibi Go-Live!

October 23, 2023


Check out the Fibi Seminar video at your convenience!