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Approvers, Department (Lite): Approvals, Delegating, Adding Approvers, Rejections

Approvers, Department (Premium): Approvals, Delegating, Adding Approvers, Rejections

Copying Guide: This guide provides information and warnings about copying proposals.

Data Integrity User Guide: This guide provides information and guidance in several different areas of Coeus and SAP data.

Frequently Asked Questions: Typical Questions answered quickly and clearly.

Icon Cheat Sheet: Learn the icons, save some clicks!

Institutional Proposal Number: Overview of IP records in Coeus Premium: proposal numbering system, searching and understanding search results, among other topics.

Investigators Guide (Viewing Attachments in Lite:  Tip Sheet for Investigators.

IP Editing Guide for Research Administrators: Provides step-by-step instructions for editing IP records in case of changes in status, PI, special review, award and sequencing.

New Users: Tip Sheet format for a quick orientation to Coeus and how to install.

Master Agreement/Task Order Process:  Definitions and steps to creating Master Agreements and linking task orders to them.

ORIS Reports: Formerly BIRT reports, these are canned reports able to be run, exported and printed directly from Coeus.  ORIS continually updates and adds to this list.

Other Support Guide: Tip Sheet on using resources to determine Other Support.

Printing (PDF) Problems: Tip Sheet on printing problems seen from Coeus.

Problematic Fields: Award, Original Proposal, Sponsor Proposal, Previous Tracking ID: Tip Sheet defining often confused fields in Coeus and describing how to find the information for them.

Proposal Development Checklist: This is a general guide to walk through the typical pieces of a complete proposal.

Proposal Type Decision Guide: An decision flow chart to help you determine the appropriate JHU proposal type to use in Coeus.

R01 Review Checklist: Tip Sheet describing typically required information for building an R01.

Roles and General User Maintenance: A guide for running easy reports to view users/roles within departments, as well as descriptions of all roles, and which rights comprise them.

Validations: This guide associates validations with advice on fixing errors.

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