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ORIS Messages

ORIS periodically sends information about Coeus activity (updates, warnings, notices of sponsor or JHU policy changes, etc.) to hundreds of self-reported JHU users interested in receiving these kind of messages.

If you would like to receive such messages, please send us an email at

Messages sent to the list serve also are archived here.


November 2: ANNOUNCEMENT: “Introduction to Fibi Features” Virtual Sessions Available

January 6: Coeus Snapshots: Help at your fingertips

January 5:  Coeus Alert: Questionnaire Modifications this Thursday


February 25: Fibi Announcement


November 6: Coeus Alert: Citrix Problem has been resolved

November 6: Coeus Alert: Citrix is not Working

August 5:  Coeus Alert: Changes to questionnaires tonight

June 27: All Coeus Replacement Videos Now Available

June 21: Coeus Replacement Demo: Huron

June 21: Coeus Replacement Demo: Polus

June 17: Coeus Replacement Demo: Kuali

June 5:  Coeus Replacement Demo: REMINDER

May 30: Coeus Premium & CITRIX

May 21: Coeus Replacement Timeline Website


December 6:  Coeus Available

November 30: Coeus Planned Downtime Reminder

November 26:  Coeus Planned Downtime

November 1:  Changes in Coeus implemented TODAY

October 8:  Coeus Replacement Opinion Opportunity

June 14: Coeus OCI Questionnaire Question: More Info
Coeus Questionnaire Change: Effective Friday, June 15
Link to OCI Guidance

April 5: Coeus Medusa, ASSIST & Workspace Seminar
CORRECTION: Coeus Medusa, ASSIST & Workspace Q&A

February 27: Coeus Master Agreement Process

February 22: New ASSIST Videos Available

February 19: Java Security Preventing Coeus Launch:   Message Attachment

January 9:  Alert: Adobe forms may be unavailable


December 14:  ASSIST Helpful Links
December 13:  Workspace Helpful Links
November 28:  S2S Guidelines: ASSIST & Workspace
November 8:  New SOM Questionnaire Questions
September 12: Effort Training Update – Send Certificate
August 17:  Changes to Questionnaire
August 11:  Effort Update Icon – follow up to August 3rd message
August 3:  Coeus Changes: August 4, 2017
March 22:  Scheduled Downtime
March 8:  New Icons and Questionnaire form for Coeus


July 22: Fellowship Form Patch Installed
June 29: Award Year Breakdown
June 23: Coeus Report
May 6: Coeus Seminar
May 3: Scheduled Downtime
May 2: Classes and Forms D Updates
March 29: Coeus Question
February 25: New Coeus User Seminar


August 8: Proposal Summary COI Information
August 4: K99/R00 New Process
July 30: Subaward Form Problem: S2S
June 15: Coeus Training Changes
June 5: Questionnaire Changes


January 29: Period Two Inflation Bug
February 18: Tip Sheet-Proposal Hierarchy
April 3: Tip Sheet-Four Problematic Fields
April 22: Other Tab RCC/Lead Unit
June 13: 200 Character Titles
July 3: Virtual Machine Error
August 6: ListServe Invitation
November 26: Start Up Delay
December 3: Lite Bug

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