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FIBI Frequently Asked Questions

fibi faqs

ORIS will be updating this page regularly as we move through this project.  Check back often to see what people are thinking about, and feel free to pose your own questions to ORIS@JH.EDU.

How do I pronounce FIBI?

Fee-Bee.  Phoibe (or Phoebe) is Coeus’ sister.

Coeus (Ancient Greek: Κοιος) is the Titan lord of the North.  Coeus is the Titan of Resolve and Intelligence, and the embodiment of the celestial axis around which the heavens revolve.  He married his sister Phoibe Titanid of Radiance and Prophecy.

When will Coeus go away?

Our implementation date is not yet announced.  As with many software development processes, unforseen challenges are encountered at different stages, sometimes resulting in delays.

We are, as of April 2022, testing Coeus/Fibi data integration and finalizing some additional functionality with POLUS.  In addition, a testing group of users has been identified to help with User Acceptance Training (UAT).  This group engaged in a vigorous round of testing Fibi in June.  ORIS and Polus continue to address the enhancements and bugs that were identified through that effort.

When Fibi nears completion, our group of testers will engage in a more formal, at times scripted, set of tests to ensure Fibi is great from the outset of implementation.  If you are interested in participating in the testing sessions, please contact ORIS.

Why replace Coeus?

ORIS and JHU leadership have been considering replacing Coeus for quite some time now. Why? Mostly because Coeus is old, very, very old. Some of the quirks we run into while using Coeus result from the limitations of Coeus software attempting to run with other, updated software versions. The goal of replacement is to make the whole process easier, more intuitive and efficient, while leveraging modernization (user experience and security) in web and cloud environments.

When will training for FIBI begin?

ORIS will ensure that there are plenty of opportunities for training PRIOR to the full implementation of FIBI.  Our plans include introductory seminars, followed by online and classroom instruction.

We anticipate many users will be happily surprised at how intuitive and easy they will find FIBI.  Much of the “language” of the software is similar, although the interface and workflow is somewhat different.  Also, there will be a number of tools that will be easy to find and utilize that were difficult to access in Coeus.  A customizable dashboard for FIBI will also allow users to see what they need to see at a glance.

Will I need a new account in FIBI?

No.  If you already use Coeus, your account will be copied over to FIBI.  New university employees will need to request a user account just like they do today.

What will happen to all of my PDs and other data?

The entire Coeus database will be migrated over to FIBI, so all of the data you can access now will be available for you in FIBI.

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