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FIBI Training


Training for Fibi is being designed to reach each user according to their experience level, time available and preferred mode of instruction.  Information for all training described below will be found at this training page as it is developed.

As implementation nears, be sure to check in at the Intro Presentations page to see scheduled online tour (20-minute) and seminar (2 hour) demonstration sessions preparing our community for the move to Fibi.

  • Throughout the introductory period, ORIS will be adding video tutorials for basic functionality.  These very short video demonstrations will be part of an ever-expanding library of quick helps for getting you past a task with minimal time and effort.
  • In addition to video tutorials, ORIS will provide a suite of pdf guides, just as we do for Coeus now.
  • Once we go live with Fibi, instructor-led, hands-on classes will be offered in the same way Coeus classes are now.  These classes will be geared toward not only new users, but also experienced users who prefer a hands-on approach to familiarizing themselves with the new software.  Registration for  classes will still be handled through MyLearning at the JH Portal.

In addition, ORIS will hold zoom “Office Hours” periodically.  This is a chance to check in with ORIS staff, ask questions, get a demo or just say hi and let us know how it’s going.  Check out the ORIS calendar to find posted Office Hours.

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