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Coeus Experts


The Coeus Expert program, offered by ORIS, was developed to address a need for advanced-level Coeus expertise and in-depth knowledge of electronic proposal submission. Candidates receive 18 hours of Coeus training beyond the standard classes Coeus 1-7.

Graduates serve both their local units and the wider user community with not only their expertise but also roles in Coeus beyond that of typical users.  In addition, they participate in conference calls to discuss Coeus issues and to collaboratively work on self-determined projects, communicate with JHU Leadership and assist with software testing.

The Coeus Experts commitment is to a two-year program, after which Coeus Experts become Coeus Partners, able to participate in further activities as their time permits.


Margaret Clemmens
Neuroscience & Brain Science Institute
Sr. Research Service Analyst

Meg Dougherty
Cancer Immunology Lab
Sr. Research Service Analyst

Ashley Green
Health, Behavior & Society
Financial Manager

Christina Halligan
Armstrong Institute
Research Service Manager

Michele Heffler
Sr. Research Service Analyst

Tom Judy
Infectious Diseases
Sr. Research Service Analyst

Jami Long
Research Service Manager

Tina Nizer
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Research Service Manager

Laura Noffke
Research Resource Development Associate

Laurel Peck
Molecular Biology & Genetics
Research Service Analyst

Natalie Peters
Biological Chemistry

Debbi Stroback
Pediatrics/Division of Neonatology
Sr. Administrative Manager

Eboni Wise
Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Sr. Research Service Analyst


Christina Atkinson
Population, Family & Reproductive Health
Sr. Research Service Analyst

Nikeya Campbell
Health Behavior & Society
Sr. Financial Manager

Terri Dannettel
Financial Manager

Paula Folz
International Health
Research Service Manager

Joyclyn Gilmore
Sr. Research Service Analyst

April Hawkins
Research Service Manager

Joyce Hines
Health Policy Management
Research Service Analyst

Leslie Loving
Gallagher Labs and Neurogenetics & Behavior Center
Administrative Program Coordinator

Stephanie Steele
Institute for Computational Medicine
Administrative Manager

V. Ben Supan
Research Service Manager

Javonnia Thomas
Computer Science
Sr. Financial Analyst

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